Fadeaway Academy and Pinch Med Spa Partner

Fadeaway Academy And Pinch Med Spa Partner to Create Opportunities for Nurse Practitioners in Aesthetic Medicine

The Medical Aesthetics industry is rapidly growing with highly compeitive opportunities to enter the space. That’s why Fadeaway Academy has partnered with Pinch Med Spa to create opportunities for Nurse Practitioners to launch their career in Aesthetics.

Fadeaway Academy is dedicated to providing multi-day comprehensive medical aesthetics training courses in a comfortable and welcoming environment. We know that many talented healthcare workers are looking to enter the field of aesthetic medicine, which is why we’ve partnered with Pinch to make the transition as easy as possible.

Pinch Med Spa, the the leading Consierge med spa in Chicago, is dedicated to providing Board Certified Nurse Practitioners with a seamless pathway to get started and succeed in aesthetics. Through this strategic partnership with Fadeaway, Pinch is committed to prioritizing Nurse Practitioners who have undergone training with Fadeaway, recognizing the quality of education and training.

How Pinch Supports Board Certified Nurse Practitioners

Pinch Med Spa hires highly skilled Board Certified Nurse Practitioners, who enjoy unparalleled flexibility and autonomy in their careers. Pinch Providers have the opportunity to operate their own mobile medical spas with Pinch, offering a wide range of services including Botox and Filler all in the comfort of clients’ homes.

Pinch’s innovative approach addresses a critical need in the market. Today there is a surplus of highly skilled healthcare professionals aspiring for more flexible careers in aesthetics and limited positions available in traditional medical spas. 

Pinch serves as a platform for entrepreneurial Nurse Practitioners seeking to establish themselves in the aesthetics industry. Pinch Providers receive comprehensive support, from medical collaboration and insurance to supplies, technology, and marketing assistance, all without the constraints of upfront costs or geographic limitations.

How Fadeaway Academy And Pinch Med Spa Work Together
The collaboration between Fadeaway Academy and Pinch Med Spa is rooted in a shared commitment to excellence and innovation in aesthetic medicine. At Fadeaway Academy we have a reputation for delivering top-tier training and education, and share Pinch’s vision of empowering aesthetics professionals with the knowledge and skills needed to succeed in this rapidly evolving field.

Unlike other aesthetics training programs, Fadeaway offers multi-day courses. Instead of packing everything into one long day, Fadeaway has developed a curriculum designed to support the learning journey of providers in a flexible manner. Fadeaway provides training and courses to equip aspiring aesthetics providers with the tools and resources they need to build a successful career in medical aesthetics.

  • Fadeaway Academy courses include the following:
  • Fundamentals in Neurotoxins
  • Fundamentals in Dermal Filler
  • Neurotoxins Intensive
  • Advanced Techniques in Dermal Filler
  • Plus Lips 101, Biostimulation, and more.

In conversation about his experience training at Fadeaway, Board Certified Nurse Practioner, Zachary Lyth, who joined Pinch shared, “Fadeaway Academy, led by Darcie and her team, goes beyond teaching injection techniques. They emphasize understanding facial muscles for client-centered results. This preparation empowered me to transition smoothly into my role at Pinch. I would highly recommend Fadeaway Academy to any nurse practitioner aiming to excel in aesthetics.”

Nurse Practitioners affiliated with Pinch gain access to advanced training through Fadeaway Academy, further enhancing their expertise and proficiency in aesthetic medicine. Fadeaway Academy’s comprehensive curriculum, combined with Pinch’s supportive environment, creates a pathway for Nurse Practitioners to excel in their careers and make a meaningful impact in the aesthetics industry.

Become an Aesthetic Nurse Practitioner at Pinch

If you’re a Nurse Practitioner looking to embark on a fulfilling career in aesthetic medicine, Pinch Med Spa offers an exciting opportunity to join their team of dedicated professionals. With flexible hours, uncapped earning potential, and a supportive community, Pinch provides Nurse Practitioners with the resources and support they need to thrive in the aesthetics industry.

Pinch looks for Aesthetic Nurse Practitioners to join their team who have:


  • Strong fundamental skills in medical aesthetics
  • Magnetic bedside manner with a passion for the industry
  • Entrepreneurial drive to scale their own business

Nurse Practitioners trained by Fadeaway Academy are encouraged to apply to the Nurse Practitioner Aesthetics Jobs at Pinch and take the next step in their journey toward a rewarding career in aesthetic medicine.